Know Your Diamonds

Diamonds are among the most sought-after gems for their elegance, brilliance, and permanence. There are Four key factors  for determining a diamond quality: Colour, Clarity, Cut, and Carat. Get to know these factors better and choose the diamond that suits you best.

Diamond Colour:

Diamond colour grading

The rarest and most expensive are diamonds in the colorless range graded D, E and F on a scale that descends to Z. Diamonds with more color than Z, or in other shades such as orange, pink, blue, etc. are classified as "Fancy Colored Diamonds".

D-F : Colourless

G-J : Near Colourless

K-M : Slightly Tinted

N-R : Very Light Yellow

S-Z : Light Yellow                    

Diamond Clarity:

Diamond clarity grade


Diamond Clarity is graded by the number and nature of inclusions and blemishes, as well as their size and position.

IF : Internally Flawless. Free from internal blemishes under 10x magnification

VVS : Very Very Slightly included. Inclusions and/or external blemishes are very difficult to locate under 10x magnification.

VS : Very Slightly Included. Inclusions and external blemishes difficult to locate under 10x magnification.

SI: Slightly Included. Inclusions and external blemishes easy to locate under 10x magnification but difficult to locate with naked eye.

I : Included/Imperfect. Inclusions and external blemishes easy to locate with the naked eye.

Diamond Cut:

Diamond cut grading


A diamond’s cut is crucial to the stone’s final beauty and value. And of all the diamond 4Cs, it is the most complex and technically difficult to analyze.

Diamond Carat:

Diamond carat is the measurement of how much a diamond weighs. One carat weighs 1/5 of a gram. More the weight of a diamond, more its value. For example, a diamond weighing 1ct is valued more compared to 5 diamonds weighing 0.2ct each(assuming the other 3C's are same).